November 2012

Oh No They Didn't: Weather Forecast In Elvish

Come on, New Zealand, I know you have more commercial exports worth mentioning than being the location of the Lord Of The Rings films. Can't you talk about the toothbrush fence? Or your lovely sheep population? Maybe some awesome Maori art? No? OK then I guess we are just stuck with a weather reporter giving the forecast in Elvish. NERDS.

Oh No They Didn't: Ashli Gay And Her Mother Address Haters

There isn't much to prepare you for this next video, which involves a lady named Ashli and her from-the-back-row-commenting mother as they address "haters." NSFW for language, and for that 2:51 mark where you might gouge out your eyes.

Oh No They Didn't: Dealing With A Huge Spider

Those of you not crippled by arachnophobia have probably been in this next situation, or at least the initial set-up: You find a spider, you get creeped out, you leave the room and decide to come back and kill it. However, most of us think through our weapon of choice and the collateral damage it may incur. Not this bloke.

Pop Culture Happenings: Goonies/Hobbit Trailer Mash-Up

Pop Culture Happenings: All Cee Lo Green Needs Is Love

CeeLo Green "All I Need Is Love (ft. The Muppets)" (Official Music Video)

Considering we are officially in Christmas season, it makes sense that Cee Lo Green would make a Christmas album with the Muppets, titled "Cee Lo's Magic Moment." Since that's what hip-hop artists do nowadays, I guess. Either way, Kermit & Co. sure jazz up the video for "All I Need Is Love," as does the special Santa and the Cee Lo Muppet. enjoy!