August 2012

Things You Should Probably Know: Ermahgerd explained and more knowledgeable dumps

"Know Your Meme" might as well be the Internet Encyclopedia, as the amount of research and accurate reporting they do on the sources/trends of a number of memetic content/jokes is bar none. Their video segments generally highlight the content that they feel is truly worth knowing about, and in this segment they tackle the wonderful image macro "Ermahgerd," which is consistently hilarious to me. (Bonus trivia: I used to work with these people, and they are really some of the only true scholars in Internet culture.)
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Pop Culture Happenings: "Doctor Who" series 7 trailer and more buzzworthy dumps

"Doctor Who" might have one of the strongest, (and definitely has one of the longest running) fandoms of all television and film out there. Partially due to the show having been around, in so many incarnations, for such a long time. (The first episode was in 1963!) The first full trailer for the seventh series is here, and there are no words to explain how excited I am.
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