June 2012

Video Non Sequitur: 'New York Subway Stairs' and more strange dumps


In the weird collection of videos I amass, I end up with some that sit in the sideline, too out of touch or definition to easily go in my other categories. So unlike most of what I post, these tend to be a bit older as they just keep coming up no matter their timeliness. I apologize if this offends your clearly cutting-edge taste for only the finest crem de la crem in video entertainment. That being said, I don't know *why* this specific subway station in New York has such an anomalous glitch in it's architectural matrix, but I enjoy watching what happens when people find out for themselves. 

"Let's get weird!"

Oh No They Didn't: 'Cuz I Got Swag' and more crazy dumps


This guy has it all: the crime (high speed chase with police), the face (just look at him!), the excuse (massive amounts of swag), and the best follow-up to a police questioning that a man in his position could muster. Oh no he didn't, indeed.

Let's see what other insanity happened this week, ladies and germs.

Oh No They Didn't: Bird-Calling Videobomb and More Crazy Dumps

It seems this week involved a lot of people making some very questionable decisions. I await the day when bad drivers and drunk people videos fall to the wayside, but this is not that week.

Golfer Webb Simpson was being interviewed by Bob Costas for winning the U.S. Open recently and then something truly bizarre happens. Videobombers, meet your new God.

Webb Simpson US Open Interview Fan Photobomb

Pulling At My Heartstrings: An Incredibly Tired Dog and More Cute Dumps

For whatever reason, cute dog videos seem to be dominating my inbox this week. How terrier-ble for all those kitties out there! (Cue groan)
That being said, I can really empathize with this first video, as I don't feel like I got very much sleep last night. All this sleepy puppy is thinking is: Doesn't matter, had naps.

One Tired Dog

Video Non Sequitur: Creepy Justin Bieber Fan Video and More Strange Dumps

Since I spend so much time looking for good videos for you people, it isn't surprising that sometimes I end up with videos that sometimes are questionable in content but have to be shared regardless. Usually surreal and strange, but often just funny for no related reason to their inception, welcome to my selection of "Video Non Sequitur." Without a doubt, some of these are very unsafe for a workplace, in either audio or visuals.

You have probably seen this next video, as it simply ended up everywhere once it burst on the scene. If you haven't, here is just about all I can say: here is an entry into a "Cover Justin Bieber" contest on Justin Beiber's site that simply has to be done creepily on purpose... right? By the way, she blinks 9 times in 3 minutes. Think about that for a bit while you never sleep again.

JB Fanvideo

Pop Culture Happenings: The POTUS Does 'Call Me Maybe' and More Buzzworthy Dumps

Since it's Friday, let's wrap up the week with a little pop culture round-up, so you can start your weekend knowledgeable about what went down.

In regards to to popular American culture, it doesn't get much higher than the influence of the President of The United States. And when it regards Top 40 hits, currently you can't walk 10 feet without being assaulted by Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." Witness then, the explosive combination of the two with this clever edit of President Obama's speaking edited together to form the lyrics of Ms. Jepsen's single.

Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen


Things You Should Probably Know: Vertical Video Syndrome and More Knowledgeable Dumps

In the world of online videos, there are sadly no real "rules" per se. However, that doesn't mean that unspoken understandings shouldn't exist. The social contract we all engage in should be upheld, as it will raise the bar on quality for us all. For starters, never ever ever ever shoot videos on your smartphone vertically. Let Glove and Boots show you the way.


Vertical Video Syndrome - A PSA

Oh No They Didn't: Crazy Audience Members and More Crazy Dumps

I find a lot of videos. So many, in fact, that I don't know what to do with them all. So I am going to try out some new format changes over the next week or so, with the hope that it will be easier to navigate around and only watch the types of videos that interest you. Here's hoping!

There is just no set-up that doesn't just give away this whole video. Watch this video take a turn for the unexpected.

Saturday night show audience legend

"LEGO Lord Of The Rings" Is Really Happening And Other Video Dumps

Hey everybody!  Welcome to the new site, with that fancy URL and all the gadgets. Let's jump to the Dumping!

Pop Culture Happenings

Oh man, after the mighty opus that is "LEGO Batman" I have been sold to the entire line. Where these games seem to get the most bang-for-their-buck is in established series, so the idea of a Lord Of The Rings-version is very exciting. Witness the teaser trailer from E3, and revel in the majesty of a LEGO Balrog. 


LEGO Lord of the Rings E3 2012 Teaser Trailer

It makes me happy that there have been so many good trailers recently, even if none of them are entirely original projects. Thursday, the newest installment in the Bourne series got a second trailer. "The Bourne Legacy", the fourth in the series, replaces Matt Damon's Jason Bourne with Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross in a interesting side-step. It appears, from this trailer, that the events of "The Bourne Ultimatum" occur in some capacity while this movie takes place. I am really really excited to see Renner step up to fill the new role, and holy hell does he look like a bad ass. 

The Bourne Legacy Trailer #2 (2012) [HD]