May 2012

"Les Miserables" gets a teaser trailer and other video dumps

See some of what's going around online today!

Today has not been a bad day for dumping, so let's jump right into the thick of it all.

Pop Culture Happenings
Oh man, remember that horrible "Les Miserables" movie with Liam Neeson, Claire Daines, Geoffrey Rush and Uma Thurman? Yeah, me neither. Thankfully, Tom Hooper, director of the award-winning "The King's Speech", is involved in this new rebooting of the classic book/play/event. Witness the first teaser trailer of the film, starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and Russell Crowe, currently slated for release December 14th.

Les Miserables - Official Trailer (HD)

Remember last time when I said someday I wouldn't link a supercut? Today is still not that day. Here we have "Creepy Kids: Children in Horror," which chronicles the most scary and unnerving children in horror films. Never has my position not to have children been more strong. 

Video Dumping Ground 5/28/2012

See some of what's going around online today!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. This Video Dumping Ground goes out to all those in military service, both now and in the past. Your sacrifice makes us all better.

Pop Culture Happenings
What do you really need to say to explain "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"? Taken from a clearly fictional book of the same name, this weird blend of history and the fantastical is sure to wow audiences and cause headaches in History professors.  Here is the new red-band trailer from the film by Timur Bekmambetov, director of "Wanted" and the "Nightwatch"/"Daywatch" films, which comes to theaters June 22nd.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Red Band Trailer (HD)

One of these days I'm NOT going to have a supercut to post here. But today is not that day. Here are all the Joker scenes from The "Dark Knight", played by the brilliant Heath Ledger and edited together by TheCussingChannel.

The Dark Knight - Just The Joker

Oh No They Didn't
How many skydiving/wingsuit/parachute-related mishaps can happen in one month? Too many, I say. Here we have the heart attack-inducing tale of Laverne, who wanted to parachute before she died. At the ripe age of 80, her fear got the best of her and left her in the most precarious of positions. Thankfully, everything worked out and no one was hurt, other than her pride. 

Video Dumping Ground 5/24/2012

See some of what's going around online today!

It's Thursday, I'm not drunk enough, let's do this.

Pop Culture Happenings
Movie trailers seem such a great way to start things off, so let's jump into the next biggest trailer since "Skyfall" earlier in the week. This time we have Baz Luhrmann's trailer for "The Great Gatsby," starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character. As this is the book everyone in America, (except me somehow), has read, I am sure most people will be either a) excited because they love the source material, b) bored because they hated the source material, or c) interested solely on Baz Luhrmann's previous work and/or this trailer. I myself am interested as far as it being a cinematic interpretation of a literary classic, but that's about it.

GREAT GATSBY Trailer (2012) Movie HD

Supercuts are really popular nowadays. I think it is because people get blown away at the sheer enormity of how long it took to make. They think of all the hours that go into it, and how amusing the end results generally are, and they give a lot of credit to the creators. I am not implying you shouldn't, I'm just pointing out why they are so popular. In this instance, witness the scenes of Chewbacca's dialogue from "Star Wars," as long as he is on screen and speaking.

Star Wars - Just Chewbacca

Now that "Battleship" is out and is TANKING, let us hope the Hasbro-line of Hollywood films comes to an end. Seeing as there is still "Ouija" and "Candyland" yet to come as actually-real-and-not-a-joke films, anything is possible. While I wouldn't mind all the Hasbro films, including "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe," to burn in a fire for all eternity, there is one I wouldn't mind going to see, but it isn't Hasbro. Witness the might and magic of "Tetris: The Movie."



Video Dumping Ground 5/22/2012

See some of what's going around online today!

Good afternoon fellow video-watchers. Let's get dumping.

Pop Culture Happenings
Yesterday morning the teaser trailer for the 23rd James Bond film, "Skyfall," premiered online. After the mediocre performance of "Quantum of Solace," I am personally pleased to see James Bond getting back more to what wow-ed us in "Casino Royale."  I am a fan of the Daniel Craig version, but that last film was a little lackluster. Granted, this is just a teaser so it is hard to really distinguish yet, but with Javier Bardem as the villain for this one, there is a bit more promise. The film opens October 24th.

SKYFALL - Official Teaser Trailer

Did you know that Conan O'Brien was on David Letterman last week? It was his first time in 13 years, and not-shockingly the two took to riffing on Jay Leno. Enjoy the head-wobbling below.

David Letterman - Conan O'Brien Talks Jay Leno


Video Dumping Ground 5/16/2012

See some of what's going around online today!

Did you miss me? No? OK. Let's just jump to the videos.

Pop Culture Happenings

Oh you are slightly interested in the new The Amazing Spider-Man movie? Well then, here are four whole minutes of it for you to enjoy. Damn you, Andrew Garfield, for making this look interesting. The film drops July 3rd.


Video Dumping Ground 5/14/2012

See some of what's going around online today!

Monday is a time for catch-up, as most of us try to have lives over the weekend. Since that rarely works for me, here is a good rundown of what's been happening in video over the last few days.

But first, since yesterday was Mother's Day, here is a nice compilation of people in NYC thanking their mothers.

Thank You Mom

Video Dumping Ground 5/11/2012

See some of what's going around online today!

According to YouTube, one hour of video is uploaded every second. Since none of us have the time to look through everything and find those gems, I am here to help you out.  Here are some things going around the 'net today:

Pop Culture Happenings

You can't go anywhere these days without hearing LFMAO's "Sexy & I Know It." On the radio, on the Internet, you name it and I bet it is being played. But for today, YouTube user only1noah belts out this sweet acoustic rendition, and it somehow works better than the original.

Noah Cover of "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO