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Oh No They Didn't: Don't Parkour and more crazy dumps


When a videos description says "Everything is alright now. Recovery goes well," you know you are in for serious pain. Take some aspirin and watch for yourself.
More ball-bustingly crazy crap after the jump.
This next video you have probably seen by now, judging by the 15 million views it has. Regardless, this is why you don't just cannonball into a pool without checking to see if it's FROZEN SOLID first.

Catch the Ice Dude

Now I am not huge into sports so I may not be the best judge of things, but 67 yards for a field goal seems like a pretty amazing distance, even in high school football. In fact, now that I think about it, *especially* in high school football.

Austin Rehkow Incredible RECORD 67-Yard Field Goal!!!

This next fellow continues the tradition of parkour enthusiasts: lots of successful attempts thrown under the bus of attention-span in the sake of that one horrible fail that looks like it would kill someone.

Великое падение)

Class, this is teacher. He is trained to do this. In other words, run for your damn lives because I have seen what teacher's wages are. 

Classroom Science Experiment Fail

As if the sheer sportmanshipitudeness of that field goal kick wasn't enough to fill my sports quota for the year, here is an entertainingly sad end to a 5th grade football game. Or as I like to call it, the "I Did The Thing And Forgot There Was More Thing To Do" mistake. 

PDS Football Final Play...ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!