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Oh No They Didn't: Romney Wants His Own Chant and more crazy dumps

Politics, polischmicks, polidicks. The devolution happens fast when you combine them and myself. However, what makes this video worth mentioning to me is less Romney's goof, and more his own parties reaction to said goof. Watch them simply cringe at how sadly their candidate craves attention.

More crazy people gettin' crazy after the bump.
I appreciate the entirety of this next video. First off, it takes place in Belgium, which is a country I personally have a strong love for in my heart. Second, it involves a fake psychic. Thirdly, that ending. I will let you enjoy it for yourself, even if it is a gimmick/ad.

Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'

"Hey guys, check out my favorite tri-OOOF!" Also known as the precursor to every failed trick ever.

FAIL - maesa @ STV Marbach Turnerfahrt 2012

This crazy ass squirrel could teach the parkour experts of the world a thing or two. And that escape!

squirrel goes rampage on my kitchen and escapes like a boss

So this next video is a car accident. However, it is a car accident where everybody, (from what I can tell), lived. Also, hire this driver as a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, stat. 

Luckiest Truck Driver in Russia

No, Japan. No, no, no, and NO. You do NOT need anything to encourage everyday furries. You do NOT need a tail that wags itself based on your mood. As cool as the technology might be, please don't encourage this kind of activity. It saddens me.

neurowear "shippo / brain controlled tail" concept movie(脳波で動くしっぽ)

Hump Day is the worst weekday for me, because I never see it coming but it always depresses me. Thankfully, sometimes working in an office can be surprising. This guy must be having a roof day and will be ceiling a doctor very soon.

Maintenance Man Plummets Through Office Ceiling.