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Pulling At My Heartstrings: Father Sends Sons Toy On Space Adventure and more cute dumps

Cool dads are the best part of compiling cute videos. Here, Redditor RonIsNeat took a weather balloon and a HD camera and used them together to send his son's toy into space. I want a space adventure with my kids toys!

More ridiculousness in cute form after the bump.
I simply will always love a video involving a cute puppy/kitten attacking something. The fact that this is not only a puppy, but a Welsh Corgi puppy makes it literally irresistible to me. Attack that door jam, little guy!

Welsh Corgi puppy fighting door jam

Tundra just wants to play with his kitty friend, Muchi. But Muchi's idea of play is a bit rougher than Tundra might be okay with. Fortunately, it is all in good, cute fun.

Attack cat, Tundra and Muchi

This older video surged up lately as it melted massive amounts of hearts. This Bernese Mountain Dog puppy meets his first lemon, and the experience is explosive.

Bernese Mountain Puppy vs Lemon Video

Mudd, I love you and please come live with me, my wife and our dog. Barring that, rock on with those sweet, sweet trampoline skills as you are clearly having an amazing time.