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Pulling At My Heartstrings: Dog Stalks The Mail Slot and more cute dumps

This little Shih Tzu has an attitude towards the mail coming through the mail slot like I do with apple pie: wait for it patiently and then destroy with extreme prejudice. 
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I'm not sure if I am more impressed at the patience of this dog getting abused, or of the cat to just sit their and deal out so much punishment without retreating. Either way, 53 slaps!

53 slaps to the face - Sponge gets beat up by a cat

Oh god frenchies! They are one of my many weaknesses, especially in puppy form. Watch this heart-meltingly-cute French Bulldog get spoon fed and feel all your worries slide away.

French bulldog dinner time

Watching something tiny destroy something is just so adorable, so thus using math I can conclude that four such things is at least four times cuter, if not higher.

kitten box attack

Who knew that Meerkats were so ticklish? Or that their laughter was so darned infectious?

Ticklish Meerkat

This Husky pup is in the battle for his life, or at least that's how it appears to him as he plays with his food bowl.

Colo Vs. Bowl

This cat knows what's up. "Oh, I'm just sitting here like a person checking out the sunset, nbd." Chillaxing power: 110%. 

夕暮れの お座り猫ちゃん/ Cat sitting relaxed

You know the phrase, "Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria!" from Ghostbusters? Well it must be the End of Days because these two don't even care they are being watched! Get a room, you two!

Cat and dog make out