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Sketchy Sketches: Etiquette on OKCupid and more scripted dumps

If you have never met Erik from Internet Comment Etiquette, now is your time to learn a little about how to post your thoughts on your favorite message board, video streaming portal, or internet web site destination. In this episode, Erik gives you some tips on how to mess with people on OKCupid. Or possibly he tells you a bunch of lies. It's hard to tell with that sweaty face.

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If you know webcomics, you know Randall Munroe's glorious nerdfest that is xkcd. One of his more popular strips, "Every Major's Terrible", an ode to how screwed you are regardless of the degree you would obtain, was written to the tune of the "Modern Major General" song. So pianist (I always laugh at that word) Ben Miller decided that he would perform the song, and the result is simply fabulous. 

"Every Major's Terrible" memorized and self-accompanied!

Insects have a cloaca, which I recently re-learned is a combination of a urethra, anus, and vagina. While that's digesting, think about what it would be like is ladies had that? Now sit back and let UCBComedy show you their interpretation. 

Cloaxia: Cloacas for Women

Only 5-second-films can do something new and funny with an incest joke. This is, "Like A Brother".

Like A Brother

Before "Newsroom" aired on HBO and changed my mind, Olivia Munn was a name I severely disliked. But having given her another chance, it was a joy to see her in the faux-trailer for "Ghost Tits" from Above Average Network, a story about... well... ghost tits. It really explains itself pretty well in the title. If you really need me to keep going describing it, well I won't. I have better things to do. Like re-watch "Ghost Tits" and laugh a lot. 

GHOST TITS (feat. Olivia Munn)

Amy Poehler has been knocking it out of the park with her Smart Girls channel. Smart Girls, Boys Minute, and of course Ask Amy are all charming and entertaining web series in their own rights. In this segment of Ask Amy, let Amy help you deal with embarrassing moments. Like that rant I did above on "Ghost Tits".

Embarrassed. Ask Amy. Ep 4

We all wish that cats could be controlled, but when Max X took it a step further, the results are not exactly what he planned. I leave you this lovely bit, "Cat Controller".

Max - Cat Controller