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"Les Miserables" gets a teaser trailer and other video dumps

See some of what's going around online today!

Today has not been a bad day for dumping, so let's jump right into the thick of it all.

Pop Culture Happenings
Oh man, remember that horrible "Les Miserables" movie with Liam Neeson, Claire Daines, Geoffrey Rush and Uma Thurman? Yeah, me neither. Thankfully, Tom Hooper, director of the award-winning "The King's Speech", is involved in this new rebooting of the classic book/play/event. Witness the first teaser trailer of the film, starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and Russell Crowe, currently slated for release December 14th.

Les Miserables - Official Trailer (HD)

Remember last time when I said someday I wouldn't link a supercut? Today is still not that day. Here we have "Creepy Kids: Children in Horror," which chronicles the most scary and unnerving children in horror films. Never has my position not to have children been more strong. 


Creepy Kids - Children in horror

Sometimes older videos get a surge way later in their life. Here we have a 2011 cover song by The Bottle Boys Trio that made its rounds again this week. No one has been covering "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa for a while, but this one is worth your time.

Pokerface on Bottles - The Bottle Boys

One cover song isn't enough for you Dumpers today? Okay well here is a Serbian rockabilly version of the theme to the BBC hit show "Doctor Who," complete with a video montage of all eleven doctors. NERD MODE ACTIVATED.

Grandpa Candys - Doctor Who Theme

Oh No They Didn't
Note to self: never use a mallet on camera. Also: listen to my mother more. 

Rubber Mallet Face Smack

I am not sure what laws exist to keep things like this on or off the road, but clearly in Russia they have a different definition of the word "totalled." Watch, scratch your head, and thank whatever diety you worship that your vehicle of transport isn't that bad.

Driving Like a Boss

While I am not a sports guy, as I have mentioned before, sports events are clearly showcases for mighty feats of humanity. Here we have a high school pitcher making a ridiculously talented barehanded catch, right before he signs up for Quidditch (or at least he should be). Points lost for Tebow-ing though.

Joe Robie & Corey Tipton catch

Pulling At My Heartstrings
What better way to kick off the cute list than with a hamster? Even better, a hamster trained to play dead when "shot." Now to teach it to fire back...

Adorable Hamster gets Shot and pretends to be dead. [Original]

One of the biggest setbacks to planning a wedding is making sure everyone you want to attend actually can and does. But sometimes the most important and close family just can't make it to your special event. Fortunately, technology has found a way to help you through these moments. Web cameras, chat programs, and much better global internet services are responsible for the tears that flowed out of me watching this bride dance with her military brother via Skype. 

Bride dancing with her Airman brother on her wedding day

Boomer the Boston Terrier likes to lick. Boomer also likes babies. Put the two together and you have 1:07 of adorableness flying directly at you.

Boomer the Boston Terrier loves to lick baby

Cats think they are so sneaky and clever. But wherever there is a clever sneaky cat, there is probably another sneakier and more clever cat around. In this case, right inside the same house. While adorable, I do take umbrage over their choice of sound effects and music. Just let the animals be cute on their own, please.

Cat Game fail !

When we think of greyhounds, the first image that comes to mind is racing. It is not, however, kleptomania. Here we have Cantaloupe, who is a dastardly villain when it comes to being up on this computer desk. 

A very bad dog (kleptomaniac greyhound!)

Things You Should Probably Know
CPGrey is a gentleman and a scholar when it comes to teaching us cretins about things we should have already known. Here we have a very interesting and in-depth breakdown of why Pluto is not a planet, and what it actually is instead. 

Is Pluto a planet?

Sketchy Sketches
In the world of spending-too-much-time-on-YouTube, I run across a lot of good sketch comedy shorts. Here is my attempt to showcase the good ones going around for you. For starters, a new video from the comic duo "Garfunkel and Oates," with their song "29/31," which is about the same woman at two very different ages discussing their relative perspectives. 

29/31 by Garfunkel and Oates

"The Midnight Show" is a sketch comedy group that works closely with the Upright Citizens Bridage Theater in Los Angeles. Here is their rather-NSFW take on infidelity and what you do when you find your friend having sex with your girlfriend.

You're F@#*ing My Girlfriend?!

Video Non Sequitur
Some videos on the Internet just don't make sense. Or if they do, their existence in the first place becomes more of a "why not?" kind of thing. Most of these are un-explainable in any real context, but I will do my best to at least lead you into them. For starters, this video compilation project where the creator added in special effects and graphics on soccer scoring videos. 

Goal celebrations FX

Ever heard of the subculture YouTube Poops? Well, here is an informative start that you will probably need. That being said, here we have the incredibly-popular song "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye, but done YouTube Poop-style. Enjoy, be confused and feel the strange.

[YTP] Gotye Knows Somebody That He Used

That is it for now, Dumpers. Stay tuned for a possible revamp of the Video Dumping Ground, including a new location!