Supercut Of The Insulting Nicknames From "Archer"

Oh No They Didn't: Sports Commentators Mock Fat Fan

Okay, so America has an obesity problem. No one is arguing that fact. But do you really have to use your pulpit as a sports commentator to rip on not only an unsuspecting gentleman, but your own fan base? Seems pretty low, sir.

Sketchy Sketches: Post-Apocalyptic Hunt

Oh No They Didn't: Weather Forecast In Elvish

Come on, New Zealand, I know you have more commercial exports worth mentioning than being the location of the Lord Of The Rings films. Can't you talk about the toothbrush fence? Or your lovely sheep population? Maybe some awesome Maori art? No? OK then I guess we are just stuck with a weather reporter giving the forecast in Elvish. NERDS.

Sketchy Sketches: Dubstep Commercials Suck

Oh No They Didn't: Lucky Man Gets Luckier

In this Australian news clip, possibly recent and possibly from the 1980s based on its video quality, watch the unthinkable. While filming a segment about how this man's life turned around after winning the lottery, they asked him to reenact the event, and in doing so, he won another $250,000. Crazy stuff, kiddies (Sorry about the audio quality in the beginning of the clip).

Pop Culture Happenings: (S)he's Right Behind Me, Isn't (S)he?

Video Non Sequitur: Bacon Pancakes New York

Pop Culture Happenings: World War Z Gets A Trailer and more buzzworthy dumps

Sketchy Sketches: Marriage Equality and more scripted dumps


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