Oh No They Didn't: Sports Commentators Mock Fat Fan

Okay, so America has an obesity problem. No one is arguing that fact. But do you really have to use your pulpit as a sports commentator to rip on not only an unsuspecting gentleman, but your own fan base? Seems pretty low, sir.

Pulling at My Heartstrings: NYPD Officer Gives Homeless Man Boots

Oh No They Didn't: Mississippi Riots Obamas Win and more crazy dumps

Things You Should Probably Know: Why Things Look Cute and more knowledgeable dumps

Good old SciShow just love filling us in on the inner workings of everyday science that we take for granted. In this episode, they show us three scientific reasons why we go a little nutty for the cuteness. Or as I call it, why you should always watch Pulling At My Heartstrings videos.
More knowledge bombs dropped on you after the bump.

Video Dumping Ground 5/24/2012

See some of what's going around online today!

It's Thursday, I'm not drunk enough, let's do this.

Pop Culture Happenings
Movie trailers seem such a great way to start things off, so let's jump into the next biggest trailer since "Skyfall" earlier in the week. This time we have Baz Luhrmann's trailer for "The Great Gatsby," starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character. As this is the book everyone in America, (except me somehow), has read, I am sure most people will be either a) excited because they love the source material, b) bored because they hated the source material, or c) interested solely on Baz Luhrmann's previous work and/or this trailer. I myself am interested as far as it being a cinematic interpretation of a literary classic, but that's about it.

GREAT GATSBY Trailer (2012) Movie HD

Supercuts are really popular nowadays. I think it is because people get blown away at the sheer enormity of how long it took to make. They think of all the hours that go into it, and how amusing the end results generally are, and they give a lot of credit to the creators. I am not implying you shouldn't, I'm just pointing out why they are so popular. In this instance, witness the scenes of Chewbacca's dialogue from "Star Wars," as long as he is on screen and speaking.

Star Wars - Just Chewbacca

Now that "Battleship" is out and is TANKING, let us hope the Hasbro-line of Hollywood films comes to an end. Seeing as there is still "Ouija" and "Candyland" yet to come as actually-real-and-not-a-joke films, anything is possible. While I wouldn't mind all the Hasbro films, including "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe," to burn in a fire for all eternity, there is one I wouldn't mind going to see, but it isn't Hasbro. Witness the might and magic of "Tetris: The Movie."


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