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CeeLo Green "All I Need Is Love (ft. The Muppets)" (Official Music Video)

Considering we are officially in Christmas season, it makes sense that Cee Lo Green would make a Christmas album with the Muppets, titled "Cee Lo's Magic Moment." Since that's what hip-hop artists do nowadays, I guess. Either way, Kermit & Co. sure jazz up the video for "All I Need Is Love," as does the special Santa and the Cee Lo Muppet. enjoy!

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Video Non Sequitur: Weirdest Yet Best Joker Impression and more strange dumps



The very first Video Non Sequitur dealt with the origin of Overly Attached Girlfriend, aka Laina Walker, and her Justin Bieber video. Well, in honor of Halloween, YouTuber jklam1234 put out a Laina-themed video, in which he chillingly performs the best Heath Ledger Joker impression I have ever seen. Prepare for goose bumps.

More random video oddities after the bump.


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