People Bid Santa Farewell...With Fire

Pop Culture Happenings: Training Montage Montage

Well, the holidays are officially over. Your family is hopefully gone and back home, you are 10 lbs overweight since Thanksgiving, and you have a variety of resolutions kicking around in your head, as you do every year. For you, I say, take this nice montage (read: supercut) of training montages and get your ass back in shape. You're the best... around!

Oh No They Didn't: UPS Steals An iPad Mini Delivered By FedEx

Sketchy Sketches: It's Okay! It's Just Doomsday!

Sketchy Sketches: The Best Christmas Song That Ever Existed

Sketchy Sketches: Christmas Sweatz

Pop Culture Happenings: Santa Is Your UPS Man

Pop Culture Happenings: Dubstep Christmas Lights

Pop Culture Happenings: All Cee Lo Green Needs Is Love

CeeLo Green "All I Need Is Love (ft. The Muppets)" (Official Music Video)

Considering we are officially in Christmas season, it makes sense that Cee Lo Green would make a Christmas album with the Muppets, titled "Cee Lo's Magic Moment." Since that's what hip-hop artists do nowadays, I guess. Either way, Kermit & Co. sure jazz up the video for "All I Need Is Love," as does the special Santa and the Cee Lo Muppet. enjoy!

Pulling At My Heartstrings: Sloopy The Dancing Chihuahua

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