Oh No They Didn't: Sports Commentators Mock Fat Fan

Okay, so America has an obesity problem. No one is arguing that fact. But do you really have to use your pulpit as a sports commentator to rip on not only an unsuspecting gentleman, but your own fan base? Seems pretty low, sir.

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Oh No They Didn't: Dealing With A Huge Spider

Those of you not crippled by arachnophobia have probably been in this next situation, or at least the initial set-up: You find a spider, you get creeped out, you leave the room and decide to come back and kill it. However, most of us think through our weapon of choice and the collateral damage it may incur. Not this bloke.

Things You Should Probably Know: Ermahgerd explained and more knowledgeable dumps

"Know Your Meme" might as well be the Internet Encyclopedia, as the amount of research and accurate reporting they do on the sources/trends of a number of memetic content/jokes is bar none. Their video segments generally highlight the content that they feel is truly worth knowing about, and in this segment they tackle the wonderful image macro "Ermahgerd," which is consistently hilarious to me. (Bonus trivia: I used to work with these people, and they are really some of the only true scholars in Internet culture.)
Put your thinking cap for some more knowledge bombs after the bump.
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