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Things You Should Probably Know: Does The Five-Second Rule Work?

Video Dumping Ground 5/28/2012

See some of what's going around online today!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. This Video Dumping Ground goes out to all those in military service, both now and in the past. Your sacrifice makes us all better.

Pop Culture Happenings
What do you really need to say to explain "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"? Taken from a clearly fictional book of the same name, this weird blend of history and the fantastical is sure to wow audiences and cause headaches in History professors.  Here is the new red-band trailer from the film by Timur Bekmambetov, director of "Wanted" and the "Nightwatch"/"Daywatch" films, which comes to theaters June 22nd.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Red Band Trailer (HD)

One of these days I'm NOT going to have a supercut to post here. But today is not that day. Here are all the Joker scenes from The "Dark Knight", played by the brilliant Heath Ledger and edited together by TheCussingChannel.

The Dark Knight - Just The Joker

Oh No They Didn't
How many skydiving/wingsuit/parachute-related mishaps can happen in one month? Too many, I say. Here we have the heart attack-inducing tale of Laverne, who wanted to parachute before she died. At the ripe age of 80, her fear got the best of her and left her in the most precarious of positions. Thankfully, everything worked out and no one was hurt, other than her pride. 

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