Hexing Kavanaugh

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Is this a new hobby?

I know a lot of pagans, and none of them do "hexes" or use voodoo dolls. They do spells, but they're usually to attract money, lose weight, that sort of thing. The fact that so many paranoid conservatives think that witches are all "hexing" Brett Kavanaugh is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing--hilarious because, well, how could it not be, but disturbing because it speaks of how little we seem to have moved in this country since 1620. The women are speaking out against a rapist? They must be witches. 

Of course, now actual witches are hexing Frat Boy Brett, but it's a charity event raising money for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The people attending are simply meeting to meditate and cast spells against rape and patriarchy in general, not poking sticks into Brett voodoo dolls. That said, it's also to strike fear into the fundamentalists who support Kavanaugh, according to organizers who have received death threats over the gatherings.

Women, I hope you've got your polling places memorized for next month. And I hope white women will be standing with the women of color who seem to be the only major group who are pushing for progress, especially if the last presidential election says anything.

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Tim Burton Crafts

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What are you crafting this Halloween season?

Halloween is coming and everything feels like the way it should--days are shorter, it's dark earlier, the weather is cooler and there are pumpkins everywhere! It's the season of the year and it's time to do some fun crafting. Tim Burton crafts are a great way to celebrate this season, and Geek Mom has such a fun scarecrow tutorial you should check out. Inspired by the film Sleepy Hollow, it's the perfect blend of crafty and creepy.

My family and I like to use a lot of Tim Burton decorations--we have some village houses and figures from Nightmare Before Christmas, plus two dancing Jacks. I just did a quick look to see other cool Tim Burton crafts but so many of them are Christmas-y. Now, you know and I know that the correct answer to the question, "Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?" is BOTH but it would be cool to see more Halloween-y tutorials.

That said, what Tim Burton crafts have you made? Share them here so we can make them, too!

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Dark Star Orchestra Performing at Capitol Center for the Arts

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Will you be watching them in November?

Are you a big fan of the Grateful Dead tribute band, the Dark Star Orchestra? If you're in Concord, New Hampshire this November, you might want to catch them play! They will be at the Capitol Center for the Arts on November 20 at 7:30 PM.  The seven band members are known to give an amazing show that's as much like a Grateful Dead experience as you're likely to ever get now that Garcia is gone, making them one of the top, if not the top, tribute band right now.

The band even performs based on actual set lists that the Dead used, making a more authentic experience. Fans appreciate that the band doesn't try to mimic the group sound for sound, though, and still relies on each member's unique talents in order to create the best performance possible.

Have you ever seen the Dark Star Orchestra? Will you be attending the concert in November? Tell us about it in the chat.

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Spike Thumb Mating Call

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Check out this video!

I love the blog The Kid Should See This, and if you don't follow it, you should at least check it out! It's a curated selection of cool science, music and art videos that might be intended for a youthful audience, but the videos aren't "kiddie videos." They are videos everyone can enjoy, and many of them are about frogs.

Take this cool post about the spike-thumb frog. Although the frog's mating call has not been heard by human ears, as far as we know, scientists are searching for the sound in order to attract more frogs and increase the species population. The species, like many frog species, is endangered and could use a population boost.

Have you seen any cool frog videos this week? Share them here in the chat!

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A Self-Owning Tree

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Do any of your plants have autonomy?

The Giving Tree has nothing on William H. Jackson, a man who loved his tree in Athens, Georgia so much that he decided to give it ownership of itself to protect it for years to come. Known locally as the Tree That Owns Itself, it was the tallest tree in the area in the 1800s, and it became a self-owning tree in 1890. Jackson, a professor, was so attached to the tree that he couldn't bear having it hurt, so he decided to make sure it was protected for many years to come. Now it's a tourist attraction but it's also safe from destruction.

The current tree is actually the original's son, as the original was damaged in a storm, but it's still a popular tree. Some people think that it's weird but I remember having a favorite tree as a kid I loved more than anything and my heart broke when my dad ran it over with the lawnmower! He righted the tree and the last time we drove by that old house, many years ago, it was enormous.

Do you have a beloved tree that you couldn't bear to see cut down?

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