The Perils of Cat Poop

Yes, some cats sit on your surfaces with it still attached!

As someone who's had cats my whole life, I know a thing or two about butts on counters. My family doesn't take it nearly as seriously as I do, but they haven't had to cut poop out of the fur of our long-haired cat, or clean up clumps of litter and poop that our flighty cat drags up with her once in a while. I know what's on these cats and I don't want it where I eat, thank you. This doesn't even begin to cover how their paws are in a poop box, too!

Even though cats typically clean themselves up, their stools normally don't leave much behind, so if it's not attributed to sticking to cat fur, a cat might also be too overweight to reach around and clean itself up. It might also be an issue with the cat's health, a height problem regarding the litter box or another issue. Yes, you can help your cat wipe if you need to, obviously.

Does your cat ever have issues like this? Share them in the chat.

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5 Second Rule Is A Hit

Just make sure you write your questions correctly!

Last week we held a teen game night over zoom for my teenager and some friends, and I made a set of 5 Second Rule cards to play when I realized the version we owned was for adults only. I gave the prompts to the kids and we all had a wonderful time and laughed a lot. There are just a few tips I'd suggest...

Avoid making tough questions. You want them to be a little challenging but not excruciatingly hard. The kids had a hard time naming more fact-based questions I threw in.

Avoid too-easy questions. This is just as important. I included the card, "Name three seasons." Hello! If you get that wrong, how many will the next person have? Sure, if you're playing with adults you might get people saying seasons of life, of love, or even seasonings, which would be fun, but don't do this to teens.

Have you played 5 Second Rule? What tips do you have for playing?

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80s Stuff That Makes No Sense Today

90s Stuff, Too!

It's really fun to go back and ponder over all the weird things we did or had during the 80s and 90s that make no sense today. I love seeing people look at, say, an image of someone winding a video cassette tape (or an audio one, for that matter) up after the tape came out. "What is that?" they ask. I think, "Is this how my grandma felt when we asked about radio programs and soda fountains?" The answer is likely yes, which is so fun. You have to wonder what kids will ask in another 30 years.

This list of things that no longer makes sense is delightful. From wite-out to library cards, not having cell phones (and having to wait for parents) to projectors and VHS tapes, there's a little bit of everything being discussed on Twitter. A lot of people say it makes them feel old but I just think it's neat to see how things have evolved since then. I think most have been for the better, don't you? I do wish my teen wouldn't be on the phone so long but we all could use more tech-free moments, I think.

What is something from the 80s or 90s that really baffles you, or that you remember and would no longer be useful today?

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Instruments of Change

Help raise money for West Seattle Food Bank

Food banks have become more critical than ever during the pandemic, and West Seattle Food Bank has a great opportunity for people to give coming up during their Instruments of Change event. Like last year, it will take place online to maintain safety, and people will be encouraged to give through various activities and silent auctions.

You still have to register to attend the event, but it's free and you can select multiple guests to attend when you sign up. You can also make a donation, check out the auction items and find out how bidding will work online.

Have you helped any food banks during Covid? Which ones do you know that could use a little extra support? Share them in the chat.

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Weirdest Hidden Details On Family Guy

What have you noticed over the years?

While I'm a pretty oblivious person when it comes to hidden details in movies and TV shows, my partner is one to catch everything he sees right away. It's pretty impressive, especially when I didn't even see what he's talking about, let alone understand its meaning. Super fans often find these types of details better than anyone else; of all the shows I've watched, catching them in Castle Rock was the easiest for me, for example.

When I saw this list of hidden details about Family Guy I was amazed that people noticed some of them, too. I never even noticed how many rooms the house has, for example. It seems very unlikely for a home like that to have so many, but hey, every evil mastermind needs a lair or two.

What hidden details have you caught about Family Guy over the years? Share them in the chat.

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