Enjoying Halloween Safely In Seattle

What are your plans?

In the past, Halloween safety meant everything from wearing reflective tape to avoid cars and sticking together with your group while trick-or-treating. This year, it's all about not spreading possible germs, especially when it comes to vulnerable neighbors. 

Trick-or-treating is unfortuantely out as a result, but the CDC says we can host outdoor gatherings of small groups with just a few friends or relatives who remain at a distance. Masks are also encouraged, as usual. Meeting up with people who've avoided contact with others for 14 days prior is ideal. Don't share drinks or food, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer and definitely don't get close. You can still enjoy one another's costumes from six feet!

How are you planning a safe Halloween this year? Share your ideas in the chat.

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Have a Groovy Halloween!

What are your plans?

Most people are living through Halloween this year with a touch of grey, so to speak. No, it's not entirely cancelled, especially if you're creative at home, but it's very important to protect our neighbors and ourselves by avoiding trick-or-treating and other traditonal, germ-spreading events. So what is on your agenda?

Some people are enjoying the day with the people they live with and others are having virtual parties with friends, which is a great time to play good music and enjoy one another's company and catch up. Some people are watching scary movies, either alone or with others virtually, and some are playing video games with friends remotely and in costume.

What are you doing this Halloween? Share your ideas in the chat.

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Last-Minute Halloween Bites

Whatcha got cooking?

Did you get too busy or just forget to make some yummy Halloween treat or feast plans? No worries, we will find something delicious together! Personally, my family is making monster pizzas on flat bread with Hocus Pocus buns for dessert. We're just arranging pizza toppings into faces and we can't wait to try the buns! I've heard really good things.

One of the easiest Halloween goodies to make in my experience is Oreo balls. They only use a few ingredients and they're a big crowd pleasuer, but they are also super heavy and you can really only eat a couple before getting full! It's also fun to make easy Halloween "eyeballs" out of meatballs, one of my favorite finger foods. 

What are you making for Halloween night? share your recipes in the chat!

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A Family Guy Halloween

How will you celebrate at home?

Halloween is just days away, and if you're looking for something fun to do at home, why not make it a Family Guy Halloween? We've discussed costumes here before, and dressing up is always a good idea, but you can also try these fun ideas:

Watch your favorite Family Guy Halloween moments on Youtube. Try zooming friends in to watch them virtually together!

Play a Halloween drinking game, either finding one online or creating your own around every time Peter says something ridiculous. You might want to sip slowly!

Play Family Guy games and trivia. There are dozens of options online or you can challenge friends virtually to play.

How will you be celebrating at home? Any Family Guy plans? Share your ideas in the chat.

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Last-Minute Halloween Drinks

Share yours in the chat!

It's only days away and you've just come to terms with the fact that staying home is the best option. I totally get it, I was in denial for a while myself. So what do you do in terms of last minute Halloween drinks?

Luckily this list has you covered with a bunch of quick and easy options, or you could go with my favorite: easy DIY punch! You just mix half Sprite with half punch (go for Hawaiian red or green) and float some sherbet on top. Boom! It's foamy, frothy and OH so good, and you can add any alcohol you want for a grown-up version. 

What are you drinking at the last minute? Share your recipes in the chat.

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